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Popular Beauty Products You Didn’t Know Were Useless

What are some of the most popular beauty products for women? For sure, there are a lot of them. But what are some of the most useless? And what should women look for instead?

Toner – Does it really work as an exfoliator or moisturizer? This is a product that women waste money on. It does nothing to help cleanse the skin, and it can even be harsh on the skin. It’s best used as a finishing touch. If you can find a high-quality toner that contains antioxidants, you’re in luck. The antioxidants will fight off free radicals, which are a big problem in our environment.

Moisturizers- You need to spend more on moisturizers than you do on anti-aging creams or night creams. This is because your skin needs to have moisture for it to stay healthy. Many moisturizers contain alcohol that strips the skin of its natural oils and causes your skin to look older faster. If you want to keep your skin soft and smooth, you should skip the moisturizers with alcohol. There are plenty of less expensive options.

Sunscreens – They may seem like they’re protecting your skin from the sun, but in reality, they do nothing to protect your skin from the sun at all. They block the sun’s rays, which can cause dryness and flakiness in the skin. Avoid any sunscreen that contains oxybenzone, benzophenone, or triclosan.

Foundation – How many times have you seen someone in makeup or lingerie trying to hide acne spots by putting on foundation? Or how about trying to cover up freckles? Some makeup is perfect, but be careful. If you’re going to use a liquid foundation, stay away from those with “nano” technology. Nanotechnology is really thin layers of makeup that make your skin appear smoother but don’t give it much support.

Cleansers – The skincare industry is huge with a ton of different products. One of the big staples in this area is cleansers, but not every product is created equal. Try to find cleaners made with ingredients such as kaolin, bentonite gel, and sentinel gel. These ingredients are especially good for those who suffer from dry skin.

Lotions – This is the area where you can save money if you know what to look for. If you’re buying a lotion, stick with water-based ones that are hypoallergenic and won’t dry out your skin. You should also avoid lotions with perfumes or dyes in them; however, there are products out there that have both!

There are other types of beauty products that aren’t so well known, such as anti-aging creams, wrinkle reducers, or body creams. These are great because they can help take years off of your appearance. Many of the anti-aging creams, for example, contain active ingredients such as Retinol which are proven effective at reducing age spots, wrinkles, and fine lines. Wrinkle reducers are great if you need to reduce the appearance of those “aged” lines between your wrinkles but don’t want to use chemicals.

Body creams are great because they can be used daily, even if you don’t have time to cleanse your skin deep. If you’re looking for deep cleaning beauty products, you can even find ones that will sanitize your skin and make it look lighter and healthier by removing any impurities that may be in your pores.

It’s important to note, though, that there are many chemicals found in beauty products. While they may not be harmful to you directly (many are considered safe), they can certainly cause problems when used consistently. Chemicals used in cosmetics are often tested on animals before they are released into the public. If you currently use beauty products, you must check the label to ensure they are safe for you to use.

When it comes to fragrances, most of us have used at least one, and probably many of the famous brand names that we know. Many people probably don’t realize that fragrances can irritate your skin, and they can also interfere with the natural healing process. When looking for beauty products, try to choose ones made with organic or all-natural fragrance ingredients. Organic and all-natural fragrances tend to be less irritating than those that are chemically engineered. Even better, make sure that you look for an organic brand that uses pure grapeseed oil.

Other popular beauty products include eye shadow, lipstick, foundation, and blush. Eyeliner and lipstick are particularly problematic since they can clog the pores and potentially stain our clothing if they become dirty. Foundation tends to look cakey on people with oily skin, and it can even become key and uneven if it is not applied correctly. Blush can make someone very uncomfortable, as it can clump and leave a greasy feeling.

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