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Did You Know There’s an 11-Step Japanese Skin Care Routine! Here’s Why You Should Try It

Prepared for your cleanest, most beneficial composition ever?

Strolling in the entryways of Mitsokushi in Ginza, Tokyo, the principal thing you notice are the cosmetics counters: They spread the floor in glinting dark polish and glass, mirroring their excitement across gleaming tiles also dressed Japanese teenagers make sense of which of the best in class creams, chemicals, and lotions they will. Then, a couple of tram rides away in stylish Harajuku, the choices for discovering incredible skincare are unending:

Both notable and boutique brands walk down Japan’s variant of the Champs-Élysées. Also, not a long way from Harajuku, down a calm private road in Roppongi, ladies of any age are cleaning endlessly the day’s soil and absorbing their skin the earthy colored mineral waters that air pocket up from underground natural aquifers.

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